Video Presentations
Lesson Project Cyber PI Misc
Lesson 1 First Day Video:What is STEM? Book: PI for Dummies Raspberry PI HOME
Lesson 2 SJB-STEM Overview Chapter 1: Introducing the Raspberry Pi Raspberry PI Video
Lesson 3 Freenove Project 1.1 Blink Chapter 2:Downloading the OS Connecting to the Breadboard
Lesson 4 Microsoft Office - Libre Office Chapter 3:Connecting your Raspberry PI Basic Breadboard
Lesson 5 Libre Office & Formatting What is a computer OS & Programming Study Guide SunFounder Library
Lesson 6 Libre Office & Formatting What is Coding: & Coding Study Guide Freenove Library
Lesson 7 Libre Office & Formatting How Hard Drives Work & Hard Drive Study Guide 7 Inch Raspberry Pi Screen
Lesson 8 Libre Office and Images How computer memory works & Memory Study Guide xdp Remote Access
Lesson 9 Libre Office and Images How the Internet works: & How the Internet Works xdp Remote Access installation
Lesson 10 Libre Presentation - PowerPoint What is a domain name: & Domain Name Study Guide Ohms Law
Lesson 11 Libre Presentation - User ID in web analytics: & Web Analytics Study Guide PI Python
Lesson 12 Libre Presentation Web browser settings: & Chrome Developer tool
Lesson 13 Libre Presentation - What is a web server: WebServer Study Guide
Lesson 14 Libre Presentation - What are data packets: & What are Data Packets PI Sound/Music
Lesson 15 PowerPoint Presentations What is broadband: & Broadband Study Guide
Lesson 16 ScratchAdd2Numbers: What is an IP address: & CMD Study Guide
Lesson 17 Scratch Calculator: What is Binary    Binary Study Guide
Lesson 18 Scratch Programming What is a database
Lesson 19 Scratch Programming Server side coding PI Class Objectives
Lesson 22 Scratch Programming What is SCRATCH:
Lesson 25 Scratch Audio SCRATCH add 2 numbers: & Study Guide
Lesson 26 Video Editing Scratch
Lesson 28 Audio Editing Scratch Project 2
Lesson 29 Video Presentations Quiz #2 & Scratch Logic
Lesson 30 Video Presentations Scratch Loops
Lesson 31 Video Presentations Scratch Loops & Scratch Loops Project
Lesson 32 Video Planning sqlite db
Lesson 33 Quiz #3 Scratch Loops, lists & variables & Scratch Loops etc.
Lesson 34 Scratch & Calculator & Scratch Calculator & Intro to Python
Lesson 35 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db
Lesson 36 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db
Lesson 37 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db