Lesson Grades 4 & 5 Elective Grade 6 Links
Lesson 1 First Day Getting Organized Getting Organized InternetQuestions Getting Organized InternetQuestions Be Aware: Net Trust Issues
Lesson 2 Tools-Files Tools-Files & WORD Text Formatting Basic Tags: Tags: Study Guide
Lesson 3 WORD/PowerPoint/Excel Quiz on Tools-Files & Styles:WORD/DOC/Presentations PPT Text: PPT:Text Formatting
Lesson 4 Microsoft Office - WORD Intro to HTML & W3chools Tags Styles:PowerPoint/Slides/Presentations Calculator: Calculator Example
Lesson 5 WORD & Formatting Intro to CodePen What is programming & Programming Study Guide CSS Videos: CSS Tutorials
Lesson 6 WORD & Formatting Tags:Data, Structure and Attributes (w3Schools) What is Coding: & Coding Study Guide JavaScript Videos: JavaScript Tutorials
Lesson 7 WORD & Formatting Quiz on Tags & Attributes HTML:Attributes How Hard Drives Work & Hard Drive Study Guide Word Styles: WORD Styles Tutorial
Lesson 8 WORD and Images HTML Styles: Inline, Embedded, External How computer memory works & Memory Study Guide DIV Video: How to make div tags
Lesson 9 Word and Images Quiz #Three on Attributes and styles & Style Sheets How the Internet works: & How the Internet Works DIV PPT: CSS 3 Ways
Lesson 10 Microsoft Office - PowerPoint Forms-CSS & Bootstrap5 What is a domain name: & Domain Name Study Guide CALCULATOR: Calc Study Guide
Lesson 11 PowerPoint DIV's and Forms User ID in web analytics: & Web Analytics Study Guide LabNotes: Calc Lab Notes
Lesson 12 PowerPoint Quiz #4 DIV, CSS,Forms & DIV's CSS Forms Web browser settings: & Chrome Developer tool
Lesson 13 PowerPoint Calculator:Forms, input, buttons What is a web server: & WebServer Study Guide
Lesson 14 PowerPoint Quiz #5 W3.CSS Web Pages & W3.CSS Web Pages What are data packets: & What are Data Packets
Lesson 15 PowerPoint Presentations Quiz #6 Forms & User Input & Forms and Intro to JavaScript What is broadband: & Broadband Study Guide
Lesson 16 Scratch Programming Script Tag, Curly braces, code formating What is an IP address: & CMD Study Guide
Lesson 17 Scratch Programming Variables, arrays, scope What is Binary    Binary Study Guide
Lesson 18 Scratch Programming Quiz #7 Forms & User Input & Javascript Coding style Guide What is a database
Lesson 19 Scratch Programming JavaScript & SQL Server side coding
Lesson 22 Scratch Programming SQL & Data What is SCRATCH:
Lesson 25 Video Editing sqlite db SCRATCH add 2 numbers: & Study Guide
Lesson 26 Video Editing sqlite db Scratch: Quiz #1 Scratch Blocks & Scratch
Lesson 28 Video Editing sqlite db Scratch Project 2
Lesson 29 Video Presentations sqlite db Quiz #2 & Scratch Logic
Lesson 30 Video Presentations sqlite db Scratch Loops
Lesson 31 Video Presentations sqlite db Scratch Loops & Scratch Loops Project
Lesson 32 Video Planning sqlite db Scratch Loops & Lists & Scratch Loops, lists & variables
Lesson 33 Video Planning sqlite db Quiz #3 Scratch Loops, lists & variables & Scratch Loops etc.
Lesson 34 Video Presentations sqlite db Scratch & Calculator & Scratch Calculator & Intro to Python
Lesson 35 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db Quiz #4 Scratch Blocks & Scratch Blocks etc.
Lesson 36 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db Intro to Python (Video) & Python Overview etc.& Python Basics
Lesson 37 Grade4 & Grade5 sqlite db Intro to Python (Video click here) & Exercise Guide