Week & Date Topic Personal Finance Study Guide Support Options/Videos
Lesson 1 First Day Getting Organized Getting Organized Schedule Overview
Lesson 2 Rules-Files Tools-Files Sheets Check Register
Lesson 3 Intro to Money Starting a Business Marko Videos
Lesson 4 Vocabulary Quiz Quiz #1 Friday Aug 25 & Vocabulary study guide Starting a savings / checking account
Lesson 5 Budgets and Banks Deposits, Savings, Checks & Exercise Guide Budgeting your money
Lesson 6 Balancing your Checkbook Basic Checkbook Personal Finance
Lesson 7 Quiz Banks and Checkbooks Quiz #2 Bank Basics & Banks Study Guide.
Lesson 8 Credit and Debit Cards Credit & Debit Cards & Cards Study Guide.
Lesson 9 Credit Score Credit Score (Video click here) & Credit Score Study Guide
Lesson 10 Personal Finance Basics Quiz #3& Basics Study Guide